Cost Control

Cost Control 1.2.2

Monitor and control the cost of going online with your Palm

Being online is fun. Surfing the web, checking your e-mail, play online games - all with your Palm OS device on the go. But do you really know how much these little online sessions will cost you? Or how much data you have transferred or how much time you have spent? The answer to these questions is Cost Control Data for Palm OS.

Cost Control Data keeps you up-to-date about the transfer volume and online time on a glance. And with the tip of your pen it will calculate the online sessions costs for you.

Cost Control Data for Palm OS tracks time and volume information for any online session by a mobile phone or a WiFi access, including Treo devices´ GSM/ GPRS connections. Enter the billing information, like costs for volume and/or time, free contigents, start for billing period etc. and see the current statistic, look at the monthly overview or dive into the detailed report of every single connection. You can organize your connections into any number of different profiles, for example: business, personal, mobile, GPRS, HSCSD, MMS, WLAN at office, WLAN at home, Bluetooth access point.

Additionally, Cost Control includes these great features:

  • See information for the last connection directly in the application launcher!
  • Records sending and receiving of MMS messages on Treo 600/650
  • Will show very detailed information for each connection
  • See how much you have wasted because your carrier rounds to the next billing unit
  • Cost calculation supports billing by time or volume, cost per month, cost per day, cost per connection, free amount per month, individual billing interval and more.
  • Enter your free monthly airtime and monitor how much of it is left
  • Integrated user-friendly context-sensitive help
  • Online-update function: Update the software directly through your handheld's web browser. No need to unzip or hotsync files from your desktop computer!
  • Graphical chart for monthly statistics
  • Browse through your monthly bills without the need to store large amounts of paper
  • Optimized memory managment for non-volatile storage in Tungsten T5, LifeDrive and Treo 650: Cost Control Data will not waste your RAM like other applications do!
  • Customizable icon: Euro coin or Dollar bill

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Cost Control


Cost Control 1.2.2

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